Our Philosophy

Monllor Capital’s mission is to help the reconstruction of Puerto Rico post Hurricane Irma and Maria, by making and facilitating tax-advantaged investments.  Investors interested in Puerto Rico can benefit from local tax incentives (e.g. Act 20, 22 and 73) and Federal Tax incentives (e.g. Opportunity Zone designation). 


Monllor Capital’s investment strategy focuses on sourcing proprietary deals from longstanding relationships.  We expect most of our investments will come from our proprietary deal flow.  In addition, we will participate in auctions and requests for proposals for acquisitions and privatizations. We will work with our operating partners to help manage due diligence, development, construction and operations of our investments.


Our goal is to achieve socially sustainable impact investment by creating a diversified portfolio that will provide an attractive risk adjusted returns.  


Our investments will comply with our Environmental, Sustainable, Governance ("ESG") guidelines.


ESG Guideline
Impact Investing
Social Sustainability
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